Art with Ana

Art with Ana , is a very enjoyable course, it takes you through the basics blind drawing to as far as you want to go. Anna is very helpful and knows her stuff. From little tips to gentle suggestion’s she entices you to want to learn more.

The green ribbon group work is something I am really looking forward to staff and students will unite to produce a masterpiece for mental health. I really enjoy the relaxed fun element to the course and hope to build my portfolio with Anna’s guidance.

Ana also spreads her attention fairly amongst the students and is a born facilitator I cannot recommend her classes highly enough in terms of relaxation and also producing great pieces of work which I can learn from. I have learnt to be more free with my art and not get bogged down with detail overly as this was a problem with my work before I had trouble starting a piece of work because of this.

Art appreciation and my own Art have, greatly increased and I will carry this throughout my life.

By Andrew