Bru Chaoimhin Campus – Walk & Talk for Green Ribbon

Walk & Talk Green Ribbon Event

Our Walk & Talk Event announced earlier in this post started around 13:15 when the participants from GHIS gathered in the lobby of the EVE building. The actual meeting point was at the entrance to Bru Chaoimhin near the gates.
Bru Chaoimhin Campus is composed of three different centres including ourselves GHIS so we all gathered at the gates of Bru before the start of the three proposed walks.
The campus manager, Ann McEwan, had organised this event as well as the 3 walks for the entire campus. GHIS went on the 30 minutes walk on the road and the rest of the group did the grand tour of the Bru Campus which is about 500 steps in total.

Green Ribbon Walk & Talk group
Green Ribbon Walk & Talk group

Partipant comments:

It was a good walk to raise mental health awareness, on the whole the public were receptive to the issue.


It was very interesting to come accross people from all walks of life as we were handing out badges and raising awareness of the issue. Overall it was a very interesting experience.