How Maximus evolves as a man in the film Gladiator

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Russell Crowe in Gladiator

How Maximus evolves as a man in the film Gladiator

The dark side

In “Gladiator” Maximus is stripped of all he cares about, his rank, his family in a shocking injustice he loses his freedom becoming a slave who is sold to a gladiatorial organization. At first Maximus cares only about death (his own,) and refuses to fight back in the gladiatorial training. He is inspired by his Doctoré (he himself won his freedom as a Gladiator and runs the Gladiator organization) to fight for his freedom, while harbouring his dream of revenge of the Emperor who stole from him everything so precious to him.

Light shines through

His cynical Doctoré is won over by Maximus skills as a Gladiator and strength of character as he witnesses Maximus use his leadership skills learnt on the battlefields for Rome to beat overwhelming odds in the Gladiatorial arena

Conclusion and redemption for Maximus

The Doctoré delays the Romans at the expense of his own life, this sacrifice sees Maximus see he must rise above revenge and see a united Rome with a new emperor at its helm.

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