Steps to Health Challenge – May 2017

Steps to Health Challenge – GHIS are getting involved!

Kicking Off May 15th     

Why take up the Steps to Health Challenge?

  • It’s fun and creates a buzz, while getting health benefits at the same time.
  • You can compete against other teams!
  • Your health will benefit when you get to 7k-10k steps per day or walking briskly for 30 minutes, five days a week.
  • Reduced risk of heart disease by 50%, lowering your risk of strokes and some cancers.
  • Increasing your fitness level can make you happier and more energetic and bring balance and joy to your life.


What is the Steps to Health Challenge?


The Steps to Health Challenge aims to get you walking and counting your steps daily. You can accumulate various activities during the day, such as stair climbing instead of taking the lift and walking during your break and after work to build up to 10,000 steps daily.

In order to get a health benefit it’s recommended that you do the magical 10,000 steps daily – the equivalent of five miles or 8km – and you can achieve this. It might just take longer for those of us who are not regularly active at present. You can break up the steps into ten minute walks at a time and still get the health benefits.