GHIS Outing to the ‘Blood brothers’ in the Bord-Gas Theater in Dublin

GHIS Main Outing 2014

Every year GHIS has one main outing, usually around the end of the year which includes a meal and a play or musical.

This year the choice for our main outing was decided and organised in September by one of our tutors, Catherine and Avril, our supervisor-in-charge. The meal in the ‘Grand Canal Hotel’ in the South Docks and the tickets were ready for our collection on Wednesday the first of October when we arrived after one bus journey with the 77A bus from Cork street.


Musical 'BloodBrothers' poster
Musical ‘BloodBrothers’ poster

One of our students,Tracey, says about this outing:

We went to see a show yesterday from GHIS we left at 11 o’clock. We went to the Grand Canal Hotel and we had a nice meal, from there we went to see a show Blood Brothers. The star of the show is Rebecca Storm and she is a brilliant singer! The show started at about 2.30 and it went on until 5.00 o’clock. The singers were brilliant and the show was very good. Thanks to GHIS, I really appreciate it for bringing us there, it was excellent.

Grand Canal Hotel - front
Grand Canal Hotel – front

Grand Canal Hotel – After the Meal

Chatting after dinner
Chatting after dinner

As soon as we came in we got our meal tickets and started queuing to choose out meal. There were the usual favourites like turkey, chicken with mashed and roasted potatoes and sauce but there was also cod with a lovely fish sauce and spaghetti Bolognaise.

After the meal we had either coffee or tea which were quite good. We had quite a bit of time before walking to the Grand Canal Dock so some of us sat around one of the tables in the carvery while others went to have a smoke outside.

Breathing in the fresh air outside after the meal.
Breathing in the fresh air outside after the meal.

Walking to the Grand Canal Dock

It was a pleasant and warm afternoon for the first day of October and we strolled to the Grand Canal Dock and took a few photos of the walk and area surrounding the Bord Gais Energy Theatre

My Trip

On the 1st of October, I and several other members of the GHIS course went on a trip to see the play “Blood Brothers” at the Grand Canal Theatre. We left the centre at around a quarter to eleven and took the 77a bus. It was only a short walk from there to the Grand Canal Hotel where we were to have a free lunch before watching the play. I had roast turkey with stuffing, gravy and chips.
We ended up having to wait nearly two hours before leaving the hotel. I think we got to the hotel too early; it took nearly half an hour to walk from the hotel to the theatre.

I thought the play was great. It had humour, drama and music. The production values were excellent and the acting and singing was top- notch.
After the play was over most of the students left to find their own way home.

I don’t know the city well and was worried that I would have to take the 77a bus back to the centre, just to go home from there. Luckily on the bus up earlier on that day I noticed it passes near O’Connell Street. I know how to get home from there. I took the 77a with some of the teachers and students, Got off near O’Connell Street, Walked to Parnell Street and got the 38 bus home to Castleknock.

The two brother becoming Blood Brothers
The two brother becoming Blood Brothers

The Blood Brothers Performance

I went to on the GHIS trip yesterday to see Blood Brothers and it was a very enjoyable experience. We had a meal before the show and then we went to The Grand Canal Theatre.
There was a big crowd and a very good atmosphere before the show. The show itself was great, it was funny and sad in parts and Rebecca Storm was in top form and also the two actors who played the two brothers were very believable as they had to play parts from the ages of 7 to their late 20s.
The show started off and grabbed your attention from start to finish. At the end of the show the whole cast got a well-deserved standing ovation. I really enjoyed the day.
Thanks GHIS!
Les C.

I think the play Blood Brothers was great. It made me laugh so much I would give it 10/10. It’s was really good, well made well played and well planned. I would love to see it again.

Rebecca Storm singing the Marilyn Monroe Song …