The long short walk – “The long and the short of it”

Cork street

A sunny day, we all set off in good spirits with the sun on our backs…….
First of all we went to St Patricks Cathedral passing through busy Cork Street, passing Francis street we resisted the chance to look at it’s vast array of antique shops.
The walk was led by tutors Karolina and Martine who set a cracking pace.

GHIS Students walk
GHIS Students walk


St Patricks Cathedral

I marveled at the turrets of St Patricks Cathedral and its beautiful natural setting of freshly mown grass and dandelions.

Corn Market

The inner city hub-bub brought me back to reality as I noted people rushing hither and thither.

Christ Church Cathedral and Dublinia

The bells rang out from Christ Church Cathederal, the scene struck me as very peaceful and as we passed Dublinia the home of the Vikings museum.
I wondered how the Vikings had the cold heart to raid such calm religous settings.

Christchurch Dublin
Christchurch Dublin

St. Audoen’s Church

Next we set off for St Audoen’s Church; Ireland seems to have a church on almost every corner I mused.
I enjoyed chatting with friends on the walk and I felt really “in the moment”.
This short walk felt like a long time as I didn’t want to let the gentle exercise and the gentle patter of my walking companion. end.

St. Audoen’s Church is a quaint church which stood out because of its quiet charm, seeing this church re-energized me for the walk ahead…….

Thomas street and its Medieval City Wall

I noted the Dublin logo of the three castles on fire on a lampost,
this made me remember that Dublin had been through many hard times.


Vicar street and Meath street

Heading through the back streets we passed through the deserted market place. Things haven’t changed to much over the years, as I noticed most of the people
had time to have a friendly word with each other in the street.

Vicar Street
Vicar Street

Cork Street

As our walk came to an end and Bru Chaiomhin loomed I looked over my shoulder with a tinge of regret, then i glanced back to Bru Chaiomhin.
I thought to myself that was a lovely walk and there is also next time after all!

by Andrew