Tuesdays with Morrie-film review

Film Review “Tuesdays with Morrie”

Written by Andrew

Mitch and Morrie embracing each other
Mitch and Morrie embracing each other

The film “Tuesdays with Morrie” is a poignant tale of a man facing Death in the eyes. It is also a story of the importance of focusing on the things that truly make you happy.

It is a slow moving film that doesn’t have any action in it, but holds the viewers interest throughout with sparkling dialogue. Through his wisdom and warmth of character Morrie inspires change in Mitch so he can focus on his wife more than his work. Morrie and Mitch used to have a close relationship with each other as teacher and student. These roles are revived as Mitch interviews Morrie on Love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

Mitch’s character

Mitch’s character changes in the story from a workaholic celebrity sports writer whose only concern is his work. He neglects his girlfriend Janine which sours their relationship. Mitch is given a wake- up call when the paper he works for goes on strike. He sees Morrie on the news talking about his Lou Gehrig’s disease yet still smiling and studying life, this reminds Mitch of Morrie’s teaching as a student and galvanises him into visiting Morrie. Morrie has a profound effect on Mitch’s outlook on life teaching him happiness not money is the key to life and teaches Mitch to reach for that happiness.


Mitch holds Morrie in great respect; the two have a father and son relationship. Morrie Mentor’s Mitch, through his inner demons. He teaches Mitch how to care for someone selflessly, even putting his job in jeopardy as Mitch cares for Morrie and interviews him on life every Tuesday. The amazing effect Morrie has on Mitch unfolds. Mitch is inspired by Morrie to have a happy outlook on life as he sees his mentor struggle on with a smile on his face and kind words for everybody

Morrie’s relationship with Mitch

Morrie has to cope with his disease and Mitch wants to revive his failed relationship with his girlfriend. Morrie deals with his disease by injecting humour into his situation. This is highlighted when he states that his worse fear is ‘not being able to wipe my own ass’ Mitch supports Morrie by helping him in a very practical way, giving Morrie back massages to ease his suffering. In turn Morrie encourages Mitch to commit fully to his ex and even mediates between Mitch and his ex-girlfriend by mostly giving a listening ear. Mitch sees this and listens to his ex, frustrations when they are alone.  He then wins her back with commitment and shows real love by asking for her hand even though she rejects him the first time.

My reflection

I learnt that even through the darkest times in life when you feel you are not moving forward in life, it doesn’t matter if in Morrie’s words‘you come second.’ The important thing is you realise what is important to your happiness and reach for it before it’s too late. Death comes to us all and can strike at any time. I also learnt in the evening of life it is still possible to live your life with dignity even though you are at your weakest in your body, the strength is still there through patience, character and force of will. I reflected on the way Morrie treated everybody, I came to the realization that people respect not material wealth, but a person who gives respect to others and kindness to.

Tuesdays with Morrie book cover
Tuesdays with Morrie book cover

If you would like to see the film here is the link and here is the book and the link to buy it on Amazon