March 2017 Guest Speaker

Colette Long (Health Promotion) – Guest Speaker

Tuesday 14th March 2017,

Colette came to talk to us about understanding the importance of good Dental Hygiene.

She began by asking us what our understanding of sugar was and in what food & drinks it can be found. We named the obvious ones and she then shared some that you wouldn’t always think of such as yogurt and fruit. She also sent around information leaflets for us all to take home with us along with some toothbrushes and recommended toothpaste.

She spoke to us about the type of toothbrush we should be choosing and how often to change them. Followed by the different brands of toothpaste and what to be looking out for and the amount we should have on our brush.

She sent around an enlarged silicone tooth that had serious decay for us all to look at and see the damage that could happen to all of us as a result of poor dental hygiene.

We discussed brushing techniques, followed by a demonstration of the correct way it should be done.

We also discussed bleeding gums, the causes of it and if your experiencing it, what you need to do next.

She allowed us time to ask questions at the end, which was very beneficial. It was a great talk and we look forward to welcoming her back maybe later in the year to pass on this great information to our next group of students.