Creating Flat Vector Characters

More Vectors in Adobe Illustrator

This week we continued the ‘flat vector series’ in Adobe Illustrator. The brief given to the students was to create a series of characters which came from their imagination or based on flat vectors found online.

Dotted Ravine

Vector Paddy © 2017

Dotted Ravine brought into being three characters: Monsieur Ail, Genie and Patryk with matching text about their personality: Her style is flowing and has a well rounded finish, offset by the captivating text for each character.

Vector Monsieur Ail © 2017

The text that accompanies the ‘Patryk’ graphic is as follows:

Forever young, has a heart of gold, the luck of the Irish, and tap dances to a different universal boghran.

This is the text for ‘Monsieur Ail’:

Provence Chef penetrating ‘Nice’ with
a powerful infusion of hearty delights in his
healthy vegetarian restaurant.

Vector Genie © 2017

And finally ‘Genie’ has this to say:

An eclectic – mixes eastern with western philosophies,
recycles and creates, is colourful, relaxed, and at ease with herself. Into yoga, and the expressive arts.
Follows her bliss.

This student also added a ‘watermark’ to her images, this is an excellent move to protect your images.


Vector Flat Characters © Zeb 2017
Vector Flat Characters © Zeb 2017

Zeb who is more into gaming so he created three colourful characters.

Graphic Tutor

Mrs. Socket - © Martine Moeykens - 2017
Mrs. Socket – © Martine Moeykens – 2017

The tutor also designed her character in Adobe Illustrator while the students were being happily creative. It is easier to answer students’ queries while using the same application.

Student ‘L’ Art

Another student submitted three very interesting flat graphic characters. I love watching the students creativity unfold.