Rebellious Art 1916

By Andrew Gray

The process of making the 1916 rebellious art was a concept dreamed up by our art teacher Catherine Foley.

The Research Process


Research images of the 1916 rising, I found out the names of the Rebel leaders and printed them out in a green historic font. I enjoyed the process of making the map of the drama 3D.

Martial Law

Proclamation 2016
Proclamation 2016

The background information was also found online, we edited the information down as there was so much of it. The most interesting information found was a recreation of a Martial law poster which was contributed by a fellow student. I felt this made our display informative and interactive in that it would spark discussion amongst the viewers.


3D Map 1916

In conclusion I enjoyed the hands on art work and the research process was enlightening.  I was really humbled by the sacrifices the rebel leaders made on the behalf of Ireland.