FUNDERLAND 7th January 2016

Twister at Funderland
Twister at Funderland

Getting There

The centre went to Funderland for free for one hour.  We arrived at 10:30am so we had plenty of time.

The Experience

I was a bit scared at first but then I managed to pluck up the courage to go on a ride. I enjoyed the first ride so I got brave enough and decided to get on every ride.

Bumper Cars
Bumper Cars at Funderland, taken by M.Moeykens

The Best Bit

The best ride was the twister it was a bit scary, it felt like I was being swung around in mid-air but I enjoyed it.

The Aftermath

I felt a bit wishy washy after all the rides and had to eat something. I think everyone that came had a similar experience.

Getting Back

We just got the number 4 bus into town then another bus back to the centre. I have to say I haven’t had as much fun in ages. It was a great day.