Eve’s Got Talent

On the 25th of November 2015 we went to the Liberty Hall of the finals of Eve’s Got Talent.

The finals were between the North and the South and around 25 contestants got up and sang for the judges and the audience.

I was part of the judging panel. There were three judges. We had to make some choices that were really hard for us.

Will came second, well done!

The singers for Eve’s Got Talent were amazing but there could be only 5 people that could win. They were all winners in their own right.

Sean and Miho performing

The students from GHIS were Sean, Miho and Will. They were all amazing and had a good time on stage.

Miho performing her Japanese song

The three GHIS students got into the finals; Miho came 5th place, Sean came 4th place and then there was a sing off between Will and another contestant from the North side called Anthony from Goirtin.

Will, Jade, Miho and Sean after the show

The day was good for everyone they enjoyed themselves. I hope it takes place next year because it was really good this year.