My First Image Creation Course

Getting to grips with GIMP

Image editing was like an alien to me, no understanding or knowledge about it or how it is used. I got the opportunity to do what I classify as a taster in GHIS with image editing and now I have more understanding and knowledge of what it does and what is involved.

The course work is pretty straight forward, you use a program called GIMP, and you are given assignments and a tutorial manual. The manual is very easy to follow as it guides you through each process step by step. I did make mistakes (only human after all) along the way but it is very forgiving as you can start each assignment again from the start, plus by doing this I found it a useful way of aiding my learning curve.

The course as you get further into it can be challenging both in a good and sometimes bad way but the best thing to do, I found in my experience, was to relax, not panic, take my time and if in doubt or when all else fails, seek advice or help. To show you how much I enjoyed doing this course, you will see three of my favorite assignments included below.

My creation attempt.

Star and ball on gradient sky and earth © Alan Reidy April 2019
Star and ball on gradient sky and earth © Alan Reidy April 2019

This was my attempt at recreating an image as close as possible to the image included in the tutorial manual, starting from scratch and  going through the step by step instructions laid out in an assignment tutorial. It introduced me to some of the tools in GIMP and, rectangle, ellipse, free-hand and gradient tools and how to use them and also how to create and use multiple layers in order to build up the image with the end goal of having an image as close in visual approximation to the one featured in the tutorial.

My multilayer colour

Cityscape colouring book
Cityscape colouring book

In this assignment you were given an example of a building that colour was added to and you tasked in doing the very same to a building of your choice in the image. Not only did I have to create layers and assign colours but I also had re-arrange the various layers in order to have the colours visible. This was a challenge because the re-arranging only happens after you have completed the inputting of the layers. I had to be mindful of what each layer identification as it could get very confusing, but once you get to grips with it becomes much easier and the possibility you will come to realize is graphic life would be simpler by using layers

My colouring

Big and small pattern colouring
Big and small pattern colouring

In this assignment I was instructed to create only two layers one for a large zone and one for a small zone area placed on these two but what two areas of the image was solely my decision. Even though I did make plenty of simple mistakes I found doing this assignment relaxing and therapeutic, the only challenge was what colours to use and where to put them.

My two months in GHIS doing the image editing course was very insightful. The staff are very friendly and helpful and if sometime in the near future i need to learn something new, here is where i will return to do it.

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