Christmas 2018 Certifications

Preparations the day before

Some staff packed the donated goodies for the raffle, others set up the festive tables for the next day and others organised the raffle tickets system.

Certification Day

As everything was prepared the day before we had very little to do before the start of the party. The students came in later on that day because the presentation started at 11.00am.

In the background on the screen one of the staff had prepared a running video with Christmas music from YouTube, playing softly while we were waiting.

We had invited CDETB Senior Community Development Officer to present the Certificates and Awards. Joe Florence said a few words about the certification process and congratulated the students on the achievements of the year and then he handed out the awards.

The CDETB representative explained the approval program for each module and thanked the tutors and students for the hard work. Aidan Barnes, our manager concluded the whole year and summarised students’ achievements, and thanked Joe Florence for helping us during the year.

After the Award Celebration we all went to the canteen for a celebratory meal of sandwiches, cake, sweets, chocolates and more.


Back in November staff and students had a brainstorming session to plan the Christmas Festivities over a six week period. It started with the creation of the Christmas decorations, the second week they created the cards, the third week it was the Christmas trees and then the Christmas card competition in the fourth week, the following week we had the quiz and this week it was time for the raffle.

All the raffle prizes were donated. Everybody was impressed , happy and excited during the draw. All participants got a present. Some of the prizes were IT related, there were wireless mice, USB keys, powerbanks, thin mouse mats, othere presents were more health and beauty related.

Happy Christmas

We wish all our participants and staff a very happy Christmas and a happy New Year 2019.