Blog Training at GHIS

GHIS is Hosting a Blog Training Class

GHIS one of the 24 EVE HSE centres located in Dublin is hosting a blog training session today for the other EVE HSE centres, to help them out perfect their own blogs.


Gardens at GHIS, Bru Chaoimhin in Dublin 8
Gardens at GHIS, Bru Chaoimhin in Dublin 8

Blogging is a skill which is part of the FETAC 5N1920 – Web Authoring class taught at GHIS.  The preferred blogging platform is WordPress, which is freely available online at

Session Content

The first part of the session takes place after lunch today and will comprise the following elements:

  • Adding text effects: quotes, bold, italic text for emphasis
  • Adding hyperlinks to text
  • Proofreading and spellcheck
  • Editing/deleting posts
  • Adding media to blog post: re-sizing, copyrighting images
  • Changing background colour of the blog
  • Changing theme of blog
  • Changing the settings of the comments / deleting comments permanently

The second part of the session is of a more general blog related nature:

  • Blog layout
  • Text content (editorial guidelines)
  • Copyrighting images and text

We hope that HSE EVE centres will benefit from this session.