Olaf from Frozen

Catherine and the students of the Monday art group decided to create something as a group project. Three students made most of the decisions regards to what was going to be created. They decided to make an ‘Olaf’, the snowman from the Disney film ‘Frozen’.

Four weeks ago they blew up balloons, and using newspaper strips and wallpaper paste and PVA glue they covered the balloons, in other words they made ‘papier mache’. Each balloon has seven layers of papier mache, so that took them three weeks to cover each balloon.

This week they added the nose, the feet, shaped the head, then it was painted in acrylics and then they added the branches, Olaf’s arms and hands.

This is the final result…. but later that evening, he came to life, was seen by members of staff at the bus stop direction Crumlin and since then he is missing. Please leave any information about his whereabouts in the comments below.


Olaf the GHIS snowman
Olaf the GHIS snowman

He must be disappointed to have missed our Christmas party today on the 19th!


Some of the student who created Olaf the snowman
Some of the students who created Olaf the snowman



The smiling Olaf, where art thou??
The smiling Olaf, where art thou??

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  • December 19, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    I have not seen OLAF yet but the tracking device has him located in Tallaght Dublin 24

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