Christmas Decorations

November preparations for Christmas

In our Centre we started the Christmas decorations in November. Karolina had lots of ideas from the internet. During the Monday afternoon art classes the staff and the students created a lot of ornaments.

We created DIY christmas trees from old magazines  that we had in the canteen.  We folded over the pages of two magazines to make one tree and after that we sprayed gold and silver paint and added tree decorations.

DIY Christmas tree decoration
DIY Christmas tree decoration

We constructed stars from lollypop sticks and painted them.


Decorating the ECDL Room, lobby and the Canteen

We tried to design a nice Christmas atmosphere in our centre so we hung a lot of decorations in the EDCL room, in the canteen and in the lobby.


Pre – Christmas Party on the 3rd of December

Jennifer, our supervisor-in-charge, had organised pre- Christmas party for staff and students to help us decorate the canteen and the lobby.

We listened to Christmas carrolls on the radio and put the Christmas trees together and decorated them. We had a lot of fun and ate sweet and mince pies.