Creating a tutorial for Movavi Video Editor Plus 14

At the moment EVE GHIS is involved in creating a tutorial for Movavi Video Editor Plus 14 for one of the other EVE centres, Saol Clubhouse (Other EVE centres are welcome to the tutorial as well). They had requested this course earlier this year and the tutorial is now near completion.

Choosing a suitable Video Editor


Since the demise of the free Microsoft video editor ‘Movie Maker 12’ in the last year, GHIS looked into a new suitable free video editor.  We tried a few and the products were not very good or the download was free but the product itself needed to be purchased to use it or the totally free ones tended to crash or miss some features.

Finally we choose ‘Movavi Video Editor Plus 14‘ after some personal and good experience with this software and proceeded to buy a few licenses for the centre.

About embedding YouTube video in a WordPress post

Part of the tutorial is to show how to embed a YouTube video inside a WordPress post. the only difference with posting other links to social media is that you need to copy the ‘code’ into the right place in WordPress, not just the link as text.