Remember, every step count!!!!!!

Steps to Health – Week 1

Steps to Health Logo- HSE
Steps to Health Logo- HSE

At GHIS we are promoting healthy living on daily basis.

We joined the Steps to Health Challenge and we started from a comfortable number of daily step and build up gradually to the 10,000 steps per day.

The Steps to Health Challenge encourages us to walk and count our steps during a five week period. We can accumulate the steps during the day.

The aim is to reach the magical number of 10,000 steps a day, which is the number, agreed of medical experts worldwide to improve our health.

Experts from across the world agreed that by doing 10,000 steps daily we will improve our health and wellbeing. By stepping out we can:

  • have a stronger- decreasing our risk of heart disease like heart attacks and strokes by 50 %
  • protect against some cancers, particularly colon and breast cancer
  • have more stable blood sugar levels- reducing our risk of type 2 diabetes
  • have a healthier brain
  • be happier , more energetic and sleep better.

Monday – Day 1

Grand Canal Dublin
Grand Canal Dublin

On Monday we started to count the steps for Our Grass Hopper Team. On the first day of the competition a big number of students participated in the walk. This time we chose the short route just a walk to the Grand Canal. The walk took us 30 minutes and the group of students enjoyed the little walk.

Tuesday – Day 2

St. Patrick's Cathedral Dublin Ireland
St. Patrick’s Cathedral Dublin Ireland

Next day on Tuesday we chose the longer route – St. Patrick Cathedral. Everybody knew the directions to that place because we went to the Cathedral a few times last year.  As everyone knew the way to St-Patrick Cathedral we all went straight away checking our steps as we progressed. The weather was not bad and everyone was happy. We were back into the GHIS building after 40 minutes and during the walk we discussed what our plans were  for the next day.

Wednesday – Day 3

On Wednesday unfortunately it was raining and we couldn’t carry out our plan from the day before. That day Martine went with the small group of students and did 4 laps around the Brú Chaoimhín Campus.

Thursday – Day 4

St.Audoen's Church Dublin(Church of Ireland)
St.Audoen’s Church Dublin(Church of Ireland)

On Thursday we had a big plan – St. Audoen’s Church of Ireland.

The weather was nice but it was a little cold. This time Martine was responsible for choosing the route we were going to take. Equipped with maps and directions we started walking along Cork Street and turned left onto Ardee Street. Everything went smoothly and good. Next we turned left into the Coombe, followed by a turn left into Meath Street and again a left turn onto Thomas Street. We found  St. Audoen’s Church of Ireland without any problems.

St. Audoen’s Church of Ireland is the oldest parish church in Dublin and is still used as such. The church is named after St Ouen (or Audoen) of Rouen (Normandy), a saint who lived in the seventh century and it was dedicated to him by the Anglo-Normans, who arrived in Dublin after 1172.