GHIS Awards Day Celebrations 2017

Today was the, eargerly awaited, Awards Day Celebrations 2017 where past and present students gathered in the Summer room in the EVE Building, Brú Chaoimhín Campus.
We had invited our CDETB Senior Community Development Officer for the occasion, Joe Florence as well as Jackie Ryan, the finance manager of the EVE Services.
The room was prepared by Jenny our Supervisor-in-charge and Karolina, the ECDL tutor in GHIS and myself looking after the screen. The room filled up quickly and the presentation began, during which we took a few photos.
Aidan Barnes, the GHIS Manager said a few words, thanking Joe Florence for helping us out this last year when he took over the role over from the previous CDETB Senior Community Development Officer, Eddie Diamond, who retired after being int he job for 16 years.
Joe handing out the certificates …

Unfortunately the ECDL certificates did not arrive in time eventhough they were posted last week and a good few students were asked to come back in the New Year when we will have notified them about their arrival.

After the Award Celebration we all went to the canteen for a celebratory meal of sandwiches, sweets, chocolates and more.

We thank all the people who helped with the preparation of this end of the year celebration!

A Very Happy Christmas to all GHIS students and staff and all the people who worked with us during the last year.

See you all again in the New Year 2018!