Preparing for Christmas …

Each year at GHIS we prepare for Christmas, first by ordering the Christmas goodies such as tins of Roses or Quality Street, cans, organising the Awards Day Celebrations on 20 December and the decorating of the Christmas trees, one for GHIS and the other one for the EVE Building lobby in Bru Chaoimhin.

Moon and star Christmas decorations
Moon and star Christmas decorations

Setting up the Christmas trees

A team of Little Elves in Bru Chaoimhin volunteered to help out setting up and decorating the Christmas trees in our canteen on the first floor and in the EVE Building Lobby. The boxes were moved from the ground floor and brought to the canteen.

Our Main Elf turned on the radio and while we listened to cheerful Christmas sounds, the trees were taken out of their boxes.

We had two teams one working on the main tree and the other one working on the smaller tree for the lobby.

The first team took awhile to figure out how the base of the tree was supposed to click together and after some reflection the base of the main tree was complete. Another Elf came up with a great idea, to roll the lights around a rolling pin and then to unroll it around the tree, something to remember for next year!

The main tree in the canteen

The EVE Bru Chaoimhin lobby Tree

Main Elf and two Little Elves at work setting up the Christmas Tree in Bru Chaoimhin lobby.


Wishing you all in EVE a Very Happy Christmas and

a prosperous New Year 2018 from the staff and participants in GHIS.

Christmas Wreath with wishes to all EVE Staff
Christmas Wreath with wishes to all EVE Staff