Fire Safety Training with Sean

This morning we had Séan Waldron in to give Fire Safety Training to all the staff and students of GHIS. The talk lasted about 40mins and was very informative. Sean worked with the Fire Brigade for many years and spoke of his harrowing experiences.
He shared statics with us regarding household appliances and which are more prone to catching fire.
  • Washing Machines
  • Tumble Dryers
  • Dishwashers

Are the most common, the message he wanted us to take home with us is PREVENTION and not to run these machines at night. He also spoke about the importance checking the smoke detectors in the home MONTHLY by simply pressing the button. Charging mobile phone devices were also up for discussion and again the message is this is not to be done throughout the night. As well as discussing fire safety in the home, he advised us on how we should act if a fire presented in our EVE building. I think we are all more aware of the dangers but also a little more confident in how to act in an emergency.

“I would consider this a life skill and an essential one at that!”
“Found the session informative, simply delivered, and I certainly came away with something new.”
“The videos were a real eye opener, I cannot believe how quickly fire spread from a burning pan.”
” I will be checking my fire alarm this evening.”