Creative Minds in GHIS

The Web & Design students in GHIS have created a lot of design work in the last few months both in Web Design and Illustration (vectors), here are a few examples of their work:

Lady Indigo – Website – Blog Style

Indigo - Web Project 1 - Thumbnail
Indigo – Project 1 – Thumbnail

Hippy Chick is a first coding and design project from ‘Lady Indigo’ who undoubtedly has a way with colours, shapes, text and layout. The project was entirely handcoded with HTML5 en CSS3 and published on the student’s own server space on the GHIS host server.

Code & Design – Flat Vector illustration

Code & Design, aka David, created his first WordPress blog to publish his travels through the ‘Computer Illustrated Graphics’ QQI Level 5 module and showcase his creations in Adobe Illustrator.

Follow this link to see his WordPress Blog

His favourite subject was one of the older buildings in our campus. First he took pictures of the actual building and then build a flat vector representation of the building on top of the photo using Adobe Illustrator.
David is also a student in the two core web languages, HTML and CSS.

Old Dublin Building - Flat Vector Illustration with shadows
Old Dublin Building – Flat Vector Illustration


Philip – Flat Vector illustration with shadows

Biosmat, aka Philip, another student in Web & Graphics created his own version of the same old building in Dublin after taking many pictures to capture the many facets of the building. He also added shadows to the red brick and the window panes to give it a more 3D representation. Philip is new to graphics and enjoys this aspect of the course very much.

Follow this link to his WordPress blog.

Old Dublin building with shadows - Flat Vector building
Old Dublin building with shadows – Flat Vector building

Progression to Education or Work

Each student has a two year period in GHIS to learn and improve IT skills in a supported environment in view of further developing these skills in Further Education or Higher Education or to use these newly acquired skills at work or in a job scheme.