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Rebellious Art 1916

By Andrew Gray

The process of making the 1916 rebellious art was a concept dreamed up by our art teacher Catherine Foley.

The Research Process



Research images of the 1916 rising, I found out the names of the Rebel leaders and printed them out in a green historic font. I enjoyed the process of making the map of the drama 3D.

Martial Law

Proclamation 2016

Proclamation 2016

The background information was also found online, we edited the information down as there was so much of it. The most interesting information found was a recreation of a Martial law poster which was contributed by a fellow student. I felt this made our display informative and interactive in that it would spark discussion amongst the viewers.


3D Map 1916


In conclusion I enjoyed the hands on art work and the research process was enlightening.  I was really humbled by the sacrifices the rebel leaders made on the behalf of Ireland.



FUNDERLAND 7th January 2016

Twister at Funderland

Twister at Funderland

Getting There

The centre went to Funderland for free for one hour.  We arrived at 10:30am so we had plenty of time.

The Experience

I was a bit scared at first but then I managed to pluck up the courage to go on a ride. I enjoyed the first ride so I got brave enough and decided to get on every ride.

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars at Funderland, taken by M.Moeykens

The Best Bit

The best ride was the twister it was a bit scary, it felt like I was being swung around in mid-air but I enjoyed it.

The Aftermath

I felt a bit wishy washy after all the rides and had to eat something. I think everyone that came had a similar experience.

Getting Back

We just got the number 4 bus into town then another bus back to the centre. I have to say I haven’t had as much fun in ages. It was a great day.

GHIS Christmas Celebrations 2015

On Friday 18th December 2015, we had a small Christmas celebration in GHIS,  with students and staff. Eddie Diamond from the CDETB attended and gave out QQI and ICS certificates to the students. Here are some photos of Eddie giving out certificates:

Andrew receiving his certificate.

Andrew receiving his certificate.

Tracey receiving her certificates.

Tracey receiving her certificates.

Ali receiving his certificates.

Ali receiving his certificates.


A student receiving her certificates.

A student receiving her certificates.

A student receiving his certificate

A student receiving his certificate

Sean receiving his certificate

Sean receiving his certificate


Jade receiving her certificates.

Jade receiving her certificates.

Shane receiving his certificate

Shane receiving his certificate

Thanks to Eddie from the CDETB for attending and giving out the certificates. Congratulations to the students who received certificates. We do not have photos of all those who received certificates on the blog and some students will receive their certificates in the near future. Everyone enjoyed the food and atmosphere in the canteen after the certificate presentation. Thanks to the staff who organized it and decorated the room.


Eve’s Got Talent Finale

Eve’s Got Talent finale was on the 25th of November 2015.

A group of students from GHIS attended with two of our co-ordinators Theresa and Carolina.  3 students took part in the talent show. They were Sean, Miho, and Will.

Anthony Behan, winner of EVE's Got Talent 2015

Anthony Behan, winner of EVE’s Got Talent 2015

The 1st place winner of Eve’s Got Talent is Anthony Behan from Goirtín EVE centre with the song Amazed. Congratulations Anthony!

Andrew’s Drawing

Andrew has created this lovely image for EVE’s Got Talent.

We would also like to thank the organisers, judges and MC for EVE’s Got Talent. It was a wonderful success!

Eve’s Got Talent

On the 25th of November 2015 we went to the Liberty Hall of the finals of Eve’s Got Talent.

The finals were between the North and the South and around 25 contestants got up and sang for the judges and the audience.

I was part of the judging panel. There were three judges. We had to make some choices that were really hard for us.

Will came second, well done!

The singers for Eve’s Got Talent were amazing but there could be only 5 people that could win. They were all winners in their own right.

Sean and Miho performing

The students from GHIS were Sean, Miho and Will. They were all amazing and had a good time on stage.

Miho performing her Japanese song

The three GHIS students got into the finals; Miho came 5th place, Sean came 4th place and then there was a sing off between Will and another contestant from the North side called Anthony from Goirtin.

Will, Jade, Miho and Sean after the show

The day was good for everyone they enjoyed themselves. I hope it takes place next year because it was really good this year.

EVE’s Got Talent Review By Andrew Gray

Sean and Andrew

The Southside Heats

The day came at last, the talent show for the EVE’s Got Talent South side. The centre staff welcomed us with open arms (and sandwiches in the interval!)

Supporting Banner

The Main Event

On the day there was a wide variety of acts, from dancing to singing and comedy. My personal favourite act beside my own, (dancing to an Usher song,) was Miho’s Japanese song which was sung so beautifully it was very restful for the soul. The performers all tried their very best however Brian who sang Hallelujah stole the show and went straight through to the finals in Liberty hall.

Miho performing


The judges were fair throughout and mostly had positive comments about each act. When the winners for the first round were being  called out I waited with bated breath for my name to be called out, however not this year.

Will performing

Up Next

I will be looking forward to the next EVE’s Got Talent with anticipation as the standard has been set very high, for 2015 so far………….

The Finalists

Sean O’Keefe, Miho Kaneko and Will McKenna will be performing in the final on Wednesday November 25th in Liberty Hall. Good luck!!

Goirtin Art Exhibition – Cabra Library

The GHIS group at the Art Exhibition - Photo 09.2015 © Catherine Dooley

The GHIS group at the Art Exhibition

On Thursday, 10th of September is the day five of us and our teacher Catherine went to the Cabra library to see an art exhibition by one of the EVE centres, EVE Goirtín. The art exhibition was called Little Miracles. We met up in the lobby at 10am and left at 10:15 am. In the art exhibition at the library there was diet coke, 7up and 7up light cans. There was also tea, coffee, biscuits and wafer bars.

Catherine, Grant and Amanda at Art Exhibition - Photo 09.2015 © Catherine Dooley

Catherine, Grant and Amanda at Art Exhibition

I was slightly disappointed because our teacher Catherine said there was going to be cakes there. I was really looking forward to tucking in to some cakes. Anyway, back on track. I really enjoyed the art exhibition. There were water colour paintings, masks, poems, photographs and a lot of crafting was involved in some of the paintings. There were also oil paintings there. My favourite painting was a water colour painting of fat pandas.

Anthony Behan with Wolf Boy - Photo 09.2015 © Catherine Dooley

Anthony Behan with Wolf Boy

A Mighty Fine Picnic

By Will McKenna


Traveling down to Electric Picnic always gives me butterflies in my belly. This was to be my fourth year in a row, but this year I had been eagerly awaiting since the line-up was released as my favourite band Blur were to headline on the Saturday night for the first time at the Picnic and the first time in Ireland for 5 years.

I decided to get the normal bus service to Laois as I wanted to stay clear of festival buses. I made it in at around 9pm Friday and the party was already well under way. The Picnic has one of the best amusement parks in Ireland and being a trill seeker I was determined to try all the crazy rides first. After that, it was time to check out the surroundings.

A Great Show

Every year been to E Picnic, I’m amazed at how the organizers keep adding new and wonderful various activities like The Circus, kiddy play areas, bean-bag town, tents, shops, mini-stages (most of which have been built and set up by competition winners and independent artists), pretty much something for everybody. That first night when I got finished with the rides I went to the main stage to see one of my old-school favourites ‘Underworld’. They put on a great show as always and are the perfect band to get everyone in the mood for heading to the now world famous ‘Rave in the Woods’ were the party keeps going.

Blur at Electric Picnic

Blur at Electric Picnic

Not to many people slept on the first night so it was to the campsite I high tailed it as it’s an amazing place to stroll around and meet people you’ve never met before, friends you lost as soon as you hit the main area and those people you seem to bump into at every single festival. I had a great laugh talking with the festies about anything from life, to which bands they enjoyed, to which ones they can’t wait to see.


My memory of Saturday is jumbled but I can remember the weather being like the Picnic itself; warm, sunny and beautiful. There was only one band I couldn’t wait to see that day and they were a band I’ve loved my whole life and for good reason; the brilliant Londoners, ‘Blur’.

This was to be my fifth time seeing the boys so I decided to go all the way to the front of the stage. It was packed to the rafters with people of all ages, and all just as mad into ‘Blur’ as I am. Of course they were fantastic, with a two-hour plus set, buzzing with energy and amazing songs. The gig past in the blink of an eye and I can honestly say that they could’ve played for six hours and not one person there would’ve complained. Next, we’re off to ‘Rave in the Woods Part II’ with the D.J’s being better, even louder and playing for longer than the night before.


I managed to get a couple of hours sleep on Sunday morning, but that didn’t last long, till we were all up and atom again; this time with a lot less energy than the morning last! I stayed at ‘The Jimi Hendrix Campsite’ with all of the gang till the All Ireland Hurling Final came on, a little after 3pm. They showed it on the big screen and the place was filled with Kilkenny and Galway fans, plus thousands of neutrals, most of which hoping Galway could wrestle the title away from Kilkenny.  It was not to be though and ended up being “Same auld (you know what!), different year”.

Sunday’s band list at the Picnic is usually reserved for the most chilled-out bands and this year was no exception. A friend of mine Andrew and his band ‘Fallen Lights’ played at the ‘Rankin Wood Stage’ and they really surprised me with their professionalism and confidence. They were excellent. Soon we were back in the main area and we all split as there were a lot of good bands on at the same time at different stages. Sunday night is always like that. The lads wanted to see ‘Manic Street Preachers’, ‘Florence and the Machine’ but I was in the mood for something with a bit more kick and the brilliant ‘Interpol’ really hit the spot.

I then went on a ramble through all the stages and activities that I hadn’t had the chance to see, before the festival was to end. A band I never heard of before ‘One Horse Pony’ managed to get my now very knobbly knee’s moving again. I caught the last part of ‘Rave in the Woods’ and once again, the D.J’s were brill, with one playing a mix of The Beatles ‘Get Back’ and Fat Boy Slim’s ‘Praise You’, which I remember thinking what a perfect combination to say goodbye to a perfect weekend.


This year’s Electric Picnic was even better than my first experience, which as you know is always incredibly hard to beat. As well, it was I my opinion, the best line-up at any festival I’ve ever attended. It was also the fourth year in a row there wasn’t a drop of rain, which must be a record for any festival in this neck of the woods. Much more will come back to me over time I’m sure, but that is just to get me ready and in the mood for next year. Please God……


Trip to Irish Jewish Museum

Getting to the Museum

At around half 10, Catherine Dooley and 9 students headed down to the Irish Jewish Museum, when we got there we met the curator Harold, who told us about the Jewish religion in Ireland.

Irish Jewish Museum Dublin -

Irish Jewish Museum Dublin

When he was finished talking to us about the Jewish people in Ireland, when we had a look around the museum we saw a reconstruction of a small kitchen that would have used by the Jewish community.

After we had a look around the museum the curator took us upstairs to the synagogue where he talked to us about the different parts of a synagogue.

Irish Jewish museum kitchen -

Irish Jewish museum kitchen

The curator told us about:

Jewish museum wedding canopy

Jewish museum wedding canopy

  • Jewish Marriage (where they get married under a canopy).
  • Synagogue seating arrangement (men sit in front of a curtain and women sit behind).
  • How the Jewish religion is passed on (by the women).
  • How the Jewish calendar works (13 months in a year, this year for them is the year 5775).
GHIS Group visit to Irish Jewish Museum-Sept 2015

GHIS Group visit to Irish Jewish Museum-Sept 2015

We all had fun listening to an American tourist who happened to be Jewish telling us about her culture and religion. She took a photo of us in the synagogue.

She told us lots about the Jewish calendar and how Passover is celebrated. We really enjoyed the visit and would recommend it to others.


GHIS Group visit to Irish Jewish Museum-Sept 2015

GHIS Group visit to Irish Jewish Museum-Sept 2015

Introduction of Tobacco Free Campus Policy

Staff in EVE services– 1st July 2015

As part of a health-care organisation, EVE is committed to promoting the health of the participants and staff in our services. Smoking is one of the leading causes of death and illness and we have an obligation to everyone to address this critical public health issue.

Smoke Cessation - Banner from

Smoke Cessation – Banner from

In line with national HSE policy, EVE plans to implement a Tobacco Free Campus as of the 1st July 2015 initially for staff.
This policy covers all areas of EVE campus/buildings, entrances, doorways, car parks etc.

The policy will apply initially to staff and external contractors. We are not asking employees to stop smoking – however the policy will require employees who smoke to refrain from smoking during their hours of work, both on and off campus.

We realise that this change may be difficult for people who smoke, and we are announcing the policy now in order to give everyone sufficient time to prepare for this change. We will actively support all staff in this regard.
We have a range of smoking cessation support services (ref: website, the National Smokers’ Quitline 1850 201 203 and the ‘You Can Quit Facebook page and resources from the Health Promotion website) and would encourage all smokers to avail of these. Information sessions will be held in all EVE centre’s to communicate details of the policy and discuss the local implementation plan.

Cessation Support

Participants/members who smoke will also require support to manage their addiction while attending our service. It is our intention to address their individual needs through the Person-Centred Planning process.

We will help make the transition to a tobacco free campus easier by providing information to potential participants/members about our tobacco free policy prior to joining the service; screening/early identification of nicotine dependant individuals, and provision of smoking cessation support during their time in the service. Upon leaving the service, participants/members can avail of continued support from the HSE’s cessation services, their local GP or Pharmacist.
Stopping smoking is the single most important thing a person can do to improve their health.